Our Search Process…

Since each client is unique and different and their needs vary, so does the process we execute on their behalf.  We utilize a systematic and proven comprehensive approach consisting of 4 essentials steps to each assignment.  We execute each step in a discreet and confidential manner to guarantee the confidentiality of our clients and candidates.

Phase 1  
Needs Analysis-Through detailed discussion/interviews with the entire leadership team, we’ll explore the clients strategy, mission, and human resource requirements.  We need to clarify their competitive position in order to help refine their overall search objective.  “Beginning with the end in mind” will play a critical role to insure we gain clarity in what you are trying to accomplish with the acquisition of the leader you are going to attract.

Position Specifications Report-What does the ideal candidate look like? What background is essential? What company would you like them to come from?  We’ll examine their cultural fit in addition to their skills and abilities.  In concert with the job description many of our clients draft, we gain clarity of the background, skills, experiences, even the wish list characteristics you need for this assignment.  We need to insure we are all clear on the ideal profile we need to attract before we go to market to find it.

Source List-The Source List is a compilation of the specific companies and organizations we agree to recruit from.  Our science is identifying, sourcing, recruiting, and courting the best available talent in the marketplace.  In most cases, the candidate pool we are approaching are not currently conducting a full blown job search.  They are typically top performers and are currently employed.  However, with the appropriate strategy we can mobilized and bring that talent to your company.  Let’s establish exactly where the individuals are who can take your organization to the next level, and help you acquire them.

Phase 2
Identify Prospects-Executive search is a science.  Identifying individuals within a specialized vertical market segment requested by our client and engaging this pool is a highly refined and specialized process.   We have the expertise to engage with and have the reception of 80% of the individuals we approach.  We will consult with them on a neutral basis in complete confidentiality to explore their overall career objectives, learn about their professional frustrations, and candidly gain understanding of what type of opportunity and career enhancements would cause them to move.   If our clients opportunity match these qualities, we are moving toward success.

Behavior Based Interviewing-We employ a few separate methods to quantify and clarify the performance and professional proficiency of the individuals we’ll represent.  No single solution works for every problem.  Nor will every proven performer excel in every working environment.   We recognize past performance and professional experience are just a few of the components necessary for efficiency in leadership.  We’ll assess culture, character, temperament, personality and other attributes to insure an individual is well “yoked” for a particular environment.  Unless this is done, the employer and the employee will fail.

Referencing-Our clients rely on us for candidate referencing previous to the presentation of the finalist pool.  We will frequently conduct 360 degree referencing obtaining insight from former superiors, associate co-workers, and subordinates to the individual to insure a candid picture of their past and current performance in the market.  All candidates have strengths and weakness. Let’s explore, evaluate, and assess these qualities throughout the entire process to insure we are making the best decision possible.

Phase 3
Candidate Presentation-When the finalist pool of candidates is presented to a client, they will represent the best use of your time. Depending on how specialized and defined your vertical market is, if a candidate makes the “short list” of candidates we present to you, they have made quite a few cuts.  Likely they would have been reviewed in comparison of 120-150+ competitive individuals directly approached in the market place with the background and skills requested by our client.  Yet this finalist pool represents the best match in background, skills, culture, and sincerity to make a career move at this time.  The probability of a hire largely rests on the simple chemistry match between our client and the candidate.

Interview Facilitation-Many of our clients require us to execute the initial face-to-face interviews on location previous to the initial candidate pool presentation.  Other clients desire for us to facilitate the entire interview process from start to finish while they conduct all the interviews face-to-face.  In either case, we will remain very involved preparing and debriefing with the entire hiring team and the candidates during each stage of the interview process.   Questions, concerns, and issues are inevitable and will emerge during the interview courtship.  We provide counsel and clarity to both sides.  Our value proposition is to streamline and sometimes terminate the process in best interest of both parties to maintain the integrity of the hiring process.
Phase 4
Offer Delivery-Whether we execute offer deliver on behalf of the client or they do so themselves, we’ll insure the probability of acceptance long before the offer letter was drafted.  We have a track record of 95% offer-to-acceptance.  From the inception of the engagement we confirm sincerity for a career move on several occasions throughout each interview stage. We’ll discuss and clarify sincerity to relocate if necessary on several occasions engaging with the spouse, family, and/or other stakeholders in the relationship.  We will have managed the expectation of both sides of the negotiation so there is no mystery or surprises in the 11th hour.   We act as an extension of our client yet closely with the candidates you pursue, so everybody wins.
Counter Offer-Today the probability of a counter-offer is more prevalent than ever before.  Demographics outline that today’s mature labor pool is nearly half the size of the mature labor pool 20 years ago.  Baby Busters have had half as many children as Baby Boomers.  Combine this with the fact that the specialization of labor is more defined than ever before.  Attracting top talent will remain as the single most significant struggle growing companies will face for the next several decades.  The costs associated with replacing a key player for any staff is incredibly expensive.  Counter-offers are inevitable, however, we specialize in their management.  From the commencement of every search, through offer-acceptance, until start date, we revisit and work through the issues surrounding counter-offers.  If handled properly, they shouldn’t inhibit our clients from attracting the best of the best.
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